Thursday, December 22, 2016

Zones of Regulation at Memorial

by Kathleen Bockhorst

In November, I was excited to be able to meet with each Kindergarten and First Grade classroom, to teach a self-regulation lesson based on the “The Zones of Regulation” curriculum by Leah Kuypers. As part of the lesson, students learned to classify different feelings into one of four zones - Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. Feelings such Tired, Bored and Sad, are grouped in the Blue Zone because they are associated with a low energy level. Feelings such as Happy, Calm and Ready to Learn/Focused are grouped in the Green Zone, because they are associated with a Medium energy level. Likewise, feelings such as Frustrated, Silly and Worried are grouped in the Yellow Zone because they are associated with a high energy level and the feelings Out of Control, Very Mad and Panic are grouped in the Red Zone, due to their very high energy level.

The students were quick learners. They were given assorted feelings cards and were able to stand in the right place on a Twister mat to identify which Zone their feeling was in. The students were also able to practice utilizing self-regulation strategies to assist them with getting to/staying in the green zone! Ask your child to demonstrate a “Hand Push” or “Chair Push Up”. They can also tell you how Closing Eyes and Taking Deep Breaths can settle them down, while Drinking Cold Water or doing a Chair-Push-Up can raise their energy level. I am looking forward to returning to each classroom this winter, to focus in more depth on self-regulation strategies for moving from the Yellow Zone to the Green Zone!

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