Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Admissions Results: Accepted, Deferred, Denied….Oh My!

By  Stephanie Worthley

By the middle of December 2016, 84% of the MHS senior class have submitted college applications. This is the time when  many of our students that have applied early have begun to hear admission decisions. As counselors, we know that while many of our students are celebrating, some may be upset or disappointed with the results. We are sensitive to the fact that some students want to talk about their admission decisions and some do not. This can often be a difficult time for our seniors, and we welcome students to come to guidance to talk about plans or next steps. Our door is always open.

On the Georgia Tech Admission Blog, Richard Clark posted "Denied or Deferred Admission? Perspective is a Precious Holiday Gift." From Mr. Clark’s blog post, he wrote….

If you remember nothing else, remember this: admission decisions are just that. They are limited. They are finite. They are not sweeping judgments of your value or character.  They don’t change who you were the moment before you received that letter or opened that portal, and more importantly they don’t dictate who you will be and can be in the future. You’re disappointed. You’re mad or frustrated or angry or sad. All of those feelings are understandable and legitimate.

Last December thousands (literally!) of students were denied and deferred from the nation’s elite schools. They felt the same way you do now. You probably know some of them and remember that time. And where are they now? They’re on some of those exact campuses after being deferred. Or they’re happy at another school after being denied.  As I said last year, “Go ahead and scream, cry, talk to your parents… beat your pillow, or cook something. Do whatever it takes for you to begin to move on and clear your head.” But don’t let these decisions ruin your holidays. Don’t let them disrupt precious time with family. Don’t let them keep you from some good naps or from getting out to the movies or hanging out with friends.

And most of all, don’t let them put any doubt whatsoever into your mind about your talents, your abilities, and your confidence.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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