Thursday, October 15, 2015

Nature's Classroom

by Jen Dondero

I just returned from a wonderful week at Lake George with our 7th grade students. We had a great cross section of teachers attend the overnight trip; which provided an opportunity for students and staff to get to know each other on a more personal level in a relaxed and serene environment. All our meals were eaten together as a community and that provided another opportunity for students and staff to sit with people they normally would not dine with and allowed them to get to know their classmates better. One of my favorite games to play during meal time was "Two truths and a lie," where each person had to say two true things about themselves and one lie and everyone else has to guess the lie. It allowed for a lot of laughter as some of the lies (and some truths) were so outlandish. We learned little known facts about each other and I hope students learned that they have somethings in common with their peers that they may not see on the surface. The trip was not without its struggles or hardships for students and staff. On some level we all missed the comforts of home (especially our beds and food) and our loved ones, but we all made it through the experience together and hopefully was a positive learning experience for all of our students.

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