Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Collegeboard Workshop at Assumption College

By Erik Ormberg

Last Thursday I attended a collegeboard Fall counselors’ workshop.  The biggest takeaway revolved around the newly redesigned PSAT and SAT.  Our juniors will be taking the new PSAT on October 14th.  In December they will receive a comprehensive score sheet.  At that point they can connect this score sheet with Khan Academy and receive direct skill development in any areas of weakness that show up on the PSAT.  The Khan Academy support is free.  As of right now Khan Academy has four practice tests for the new SAT which rolls out in March of 2016.

A lot of people were asking about when colleges will accept the new SAT.  A representative from Assumption mentioned that they would be superscoring the old and new SATs during the fall of 2016 admissions season.  They also mentioned that it will take “three years to play out.”  Anticipate the new SAT to be the only assessment accepted in the fall of 2017.

Some other takeaways from the conference:
  • 3 readers will grade the new SAT essay on a scale of 1-8.  A perfect score on the essay will now be a 24.
  • College Quickstart, a service provided by Collegeboard is now obsolete.  BIG FUTURE is the new initiative being rolled out by Collegeboard.  Medfield students had access to this last year.
  • More information is coming in December about the new SAT.

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