Thursday, March 23, 2017

Elementary Parent/Guardian Book Discussion

by Lindsey Warner and Kathy Bockhorst

“The Price of Privilege”by Madeline Levine 

Early in March, parents and guardians met with us for two lively discussions of the book “The Price of Privilege”, by Madeline Levine. The book addressed the author’s findings that children from affluent families have increasing numbers of mental health concerns. Rather than affluence serving as a protective factor the research indicates instead it is connected with increased anxiety and depression in adolescents. Achievement Pressure and Parental Isolation were found to be two consistent risk factors while Parental Attunement and Connection were found to be among the protective factors.

The group discussions were varied and thought provoking. The challenges of parenting in relation to electronics and social media, the benefits and challenges posed by an intense engagement in athletics and possible ways to connect as a community of parents/guardians to support each other were all explored. Below is the link to the slide presentation that outlines key points in the book. We look forward to providing ongoing opportunities for parents/guardians to connect and engage on a variety of parenting topics.

Click here for the link to the presentation. 

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