Monday, September 19, 2016

Conversations About Sexting

by Russ Becker

Sexting, Noun
Definition: The topic that strikes fear into the hearts of parents and school counselors alike.

As I’m sure by now, the term sexting is all too familiar to parents of high school and middle school students. Various news reports, criminal cases and national conversations seem to be popping up daily on a topic that can make even the most unyielding individual uncomfortable. The reality of the situation however, is that while sexting may be a parents worst nightmare it is a reality that our kids have likely become familiar with. The topic itself is often times glossed over, ignored or simply disregarded due to the potential awkwardness and unpleasant nature of the conversation, and who could blame you? How exactly does one talk to their son or daughter about sexting? Entering this dialogue without a proper tool kit can be difficult to say the least making parents consider hurling their child’s phone out of the window to avoid any inherent embarrassment. Due to the importance of the topic the conversation is more imperative than ever and thankfully there are resources to help us navigate these murky waters. Below you will find three links aimed at helping parents facilitate these conversations and giving families relevant information on what sexting means in today’s day and age. While this is a great place to start, any concerns you may have can also be discussed with myself or your child’s guidance counselor. Cybersafety is of utmost importance and we can all work to ensure that right for all of our students.


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