Friday, April 29, 2016

Junior Parent Coffee

by Amanda Grillo

This past Wednesday the Guidance Department hosted an event for the parents of juniors to continue the discussing the future planning process. The guidance counselors gave an overview of the college application process and the parents of current seniors answers questions and offered some advice. Some of the important take aways from the senior parents are:

  • Make a spreadsheet that includes information like deadlines, application requirements, pros/cons etc.
  • Schedule one hour a week to talk about college so students aren't overwhelmed 
  • There's pressure to go to the most selective school possible- focus on where your child will be happiest
  • More schools on the list isn't better
  • Figuring out which high school activities your child will want to continue in college will help narrow down the college list
  • Naviance is a great tool
  • School visits and overnights are helpful
  • Be mindful of colleges that ask for additional essays 
The guidance counselors also noted that there are students every year who don't choose to attend college after high school graduation. No matter what your future plans are, the spring of junior year is a great time for students to meet with their guidance counselor so their counselor can help to individualize the process. There are so many exciting opportunities for students after high school and the guidance counselors look forward to exploring them their students each year.

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