Monday, November 9, 2015


by Amanda Grillo

I recently attended an open house at Dynamy Gap Year in Worcester, MA. Dynamy offers students a year or semester long gap year where they explore hands on learning in the real world. Students will participate in internships and live independently with other Dynamy students. Students can intern in many different career fields including Animal Care, Business, Marketing, Education, Culinary, Media, Athletics, and Craftsmanship. Each week students intern close to 30 hours a week and have opportunities to participate in community service, social activities or take seminars taught by professors from Clark. I had the opportunity to hear from Dynamy students who shared that Dynamy has helped them become more confident, find their career passion and learn how to be an adult by cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping for themselves. Some students came to Dynamy because they needed a break from the typical classroom setting or because they had no idea what they wanted to do after high school, while others deliberately decided to come to Dynamy in order to build their resume and find their passion before attending college. One of the open house attendees asked a Dynamy student if they felt behind compared to their peers who immediately attended college. They said it was hard to explain at first since GAP years aren't a popular choice, but now their friends are jealous of their experience! I was very impressed by the internships offered, the staff and how positively the students and alumni spoke of the program. To learn more visit

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